We strive to conduct our business affairs ethically, in an eco friendly manner and do our utmost to keep up to date with new green developments to ensure the preservation of our planet (and in turn all those darn cute polar bears).

We have made 10 no-nonsense commitments to improve the way we do things and in turn improve the environment:

  1. To work with our suppliers to reduce the level of packaging in the supply chain.
  2. To develop and implement sustainable procurement policies throughout the business.
  3. To minimise waste to landfill.
  4. To proactively support the development of more sustainable product solutions.
  5. To reduce our CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain.
  6. To invest in our people through training and development.
  7. To increase the positive impact we have on local communities.
  8. To achieve ISO9001:2000 quality certification where it adds value through greater efficiency.***
  9. To work with both suppliers and customers to increase supply chain efficiency.

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